O&H Freeride Gloves v2 ‘VORSERIE’

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::This is a prototype version of our new gloves::

As you can see on the product pictures the velcro is not 100% in place, we had to adjust this to make it a tighter fit on your wrist.
The fit of the thumb was also slightly adjusted for the main series.
But we tested them and are still enjoying them for freeriding.


They are back!

After a lot of prototyping with our friends at btr leathers we have those nice soft leather gloves back in stock!

They feature reinforced fingertips and a nice slim fit.

The pucks are made in germany by our friends at wuchtec productions.

Buy them with slidepucks if you don’t have them yet.
If your old pucks are still fine – just get the gloves.
Your gloves still last – buy the pucks only!

11,90 €59,90 € 11,90 €49,90 €

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