Olson & Hekmati :: Longboard Deck :: City Dancer :: D97 :: 97 cm

Olson & Hekmati :: Longboard Deck :: City Dancer :: D97 :: 97 cm

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The D97 is our all time favourite board for citycuising, commuting and little dancing maneuvers!
Just big enough to fit kids and adults up to about 195cm and shoes up to 46.
Perfect for beginners & still a must in our own quiver :)


:: WOODEN :: is made up of european woods, precision cnc machined, lightweight and durable. We design and finish all of our boards in our headquarters in mainz, germany.

:: COMPOSITE :: is reinforced with up to date composite materials like glasfiber and epoxy-resin. It features a slimmer thickness while providing more torsional stiffness, more pop and a long lasting flex pattern!
It's final layer is covered up by a beatiful walnut veneer which is sanded and oiled to round up the premium look & feel of this piece.

:: RAW :: features the same performance as its composite sibling. It has a raw, protecting epoxy finish on top of our signature walnut top layer. So if you're seeking out performance for the best price in town grab this one :)

:: SPECS ::
Type: City Dancer
Length: 97cm
Width: 23cm
Wheelbase: 70cm
Kicktail: 7x11cm
Flex: medium to stiff

All our Boards come with a Custom OH-Griptape attached.

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